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Emmanuel Christian School is a private school, which means we are entirely dependent on parents and others for our income. School fees are reviewed annually to reflect the real cost of educating each child, based upon the budget for the coming year. 

Fees must be paid by twelve monthly direct debit payments. 

Fees for 2023-2024

These are the fees applicable from Reception through to Year 11 inclusive.

Child number 1             Annual total - £4080             Monthly total - £340

Child Number 2            Annual total - £3672             Monthly total - £306

Child Number 3            Annual total - £3300             Monthly total - £275

Child Number 4 and subsequent children are free. 

We do have a means tested fee reduction system in place that families are welcome to apply for. Applications are then considered by the fee reduction committee. 

A levy of £40 a month is added to fees for pupils in Upper School to take into account the extra costs incurred for teaching and administrating GCSEs.

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